new Boyle county Middle School
boyle county Schools

"In the process of designing a unique school, it feels like everybody's school. It doesn't feel like it belongs just to a select few people, it truly belongs to the entire community - to the student body, to the staff, to the board - because everybody has input in it." - Mike LaFavers, Superintendent

Student Capacity: 750
Building Area: 121,800 S.F.

The new Boyle County Middle School is a wonderful result of months of research and collaboration between our architects and Boyle County Schools.  This facility is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the Boyle County community, students and staff because, from the very beginning of the design process, students, staff and faculty were involved in the planning process.  The input of stakeholders is crucial in every project we undertake. 

This new middle school features several state-of-the-art collaborative learning classrooms.  These classrooms will feature two lecture areas and a deeper learning suite allowing three teachers and their classes to collaborate and all work together in the same area.  Other notable features include a 500-seat auditorium, Media Center with Video Production space and a Deeper Learning Lab. 

Farristown Middle School
Madison County Schools

Student Capacity: 400
Building Area: 86,500 S.F.

This project also included the Master Site Planning of a 50-acre campus.  The total scope involved the middle school and future elementary school with separate bus and car circulation for each school. 

b. Michael caudill middle school
Madison County Schools

Student Capacity: 600 (designed to accommodate 800)
Building Area: 96,000 S.F.

The B. Michael Caudill Middle School currently has an enrollment of 600 students but is designed to eventually accommodate at least another 200 students. B. Michael Caudill Middle School has 18 standard classrooms, 4 science classrooms, 8 resource rooms, a gym, media center, administrative suite and other standard spaces. The design answers to Madison County Schools’ curriculum and their approach to teaching middle school students. Each ‘wing’ is self-sufficient for teaching. All the classrooms, science labs, lockers, restrooms and other areas needed are located accordingly per each floor.

Hebron Middle School Renovation
Bullitt County Schools

Student Capacity: 600
Building Area: 68,660 S.F.

The renovation of Hebron Middle School required careful planning of the phased construction schedule in order to maintain occupant safety, functional utility systems, traffic flow, daily school schedules, and Owner occupancy dates for completed portions of the school, all while the school was fully occupied. Renovation involved partial demolition and reconstruction of various areas in order to bring this facility up to current Kentucky Department of Education requirements as well as “Safe” schools requirements.

Leslie County Middle/High School Addition/Renovation
Leslie County Schools

Student Capacity: 1,000
Building Area: 118,000 S.F.

The Leslie County High & Middle School project began as a new middle school project. Due to a lack of level land in Leslie County, Clotfelter/Samokar devised a plan to renovate the existing high school into a middle school and to construct a new high school on top of the middle school. The project required an immense amount of construction phasing and coordination on our part; the end result was a successful project that suited all KDE standards for middle and high school spaces, as well as our client’s needs, and an aesthetically pleasing facility that the students and district can be proud of.

Foley Middle School Renovation
Madison County Schools

Student Capacity: 600
Building Area: 86,175 S.F.

The existing Foley Middle School was originally designed in the 1970’s and was in need of major renovation, and the Madison County School Board wanted to provide a face lift to the front of the building to give it more of a “landmark” status. A substantial masonry tower was constructed to anchor the existing weather canopies and provide an undeniable entrance piece to the middle school.