Boonesborough Elementary School
Madison County Schools

Student Capacity: 600
Building Area: 73,200 S.F.

This building was designed with a public access core, allowing for classroom spaces to be locked off after hours for safety, while also allowing all major common areas to remain fully accessible. Natural light has been incorporated throughout the facility to enhance student achievement. Bright colors were used throughout the school that give the learning environments vibrance and cohesion. 

Coventry Oak Elementary School
Fayette County Public Schools

Student Capacity: 650
Building Area: 74,250 S.F.

Coventry Oak Elementary School is designed with education, safety and energy-efficiency in mind. This elementary school contains specialty areas such as an art room with kiln, music room, nature studies classroom, and two computer labs. 

BREMEN ELEMentary school
Muhlenberg County Schools

Student Capacity: 500
Building Area: 60,000 S.F.

Bremen Elementary School is another successful implementation of our Commons Concept for elementary schools.  In this application, the district desired a traditional, formal treatment of the public spaces.  The major features include geothermal HVAC, room occupancy sensors for light control, natural light in all classrooms, a stage adjacent to the Gymnasium and an interior courtyard with amphitheater seating.

Tygart Creek Elementary School
Carter County Schools

Student Capacity: 450
Building Area: 45,400 S.F.

Tygart Creek Elementary School is a high performance school that is “Designed to Earn the Energy Star,” and offers a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.  Tygart incorporates geothermal technology and occupancy sensors to conserve energy, in addition to featuring sensor faucets in the restrooms for water conservation. 

W.B. Muncy Elementary School Addition/Renovation
Leslie County Schools

Student Capacity: 350
Building Area: 39,150 S.F.

This project includes a 100% renovation of the entire existing school, as well as a Gym and Classroom Addition.  This project was a great opportunity to take a building that desperately needed upgrading to a state-of-the-art, sustainable facility to be designed and certified in accordance with LEED Silver Standards.

Muhlenberg South Elementary School
Muhlenberg County Schools

Student Capacity: 625
Building Area: 91,400 S.F.

Muhlenberg South Elementary School is a facility designed with education in mind.  In addition, it is designed to be environmentally friendly with features such as a geothermal HVAC system and skylights in each classroom.


Student Capacity: 400
Building Area: 36,450 S.F.

The facility was built on difficult, mountainous terrain.  Clotfelter/Samokar was able to design the school to situate on the site and make the most efficient use of the land while avoiding a great deal of site work.

Glenn R. Marshall Elementary School

Student Capacity: 600
Building Area: 75,100 S.F.

The Glenn R. Marshall Elementary School is a replica of Kingston Elementary in Berea, KY, with a few of its own touches.  This state-of-the-art elementary school utilizes bright colors and custom designs to create a fun learning environment. 


Student Capacity: 600
Building Area: 75,000 S.F.

Built adjacent to the existing middle school, Crossroads rest in the middle of a surrounding neighborhood.  The site design includes a storm water retention system that will improve an existing run-off condition for the adjacent neighbors.

clays mill elementary school renovation

Student Capacity: 675
Building Area: 84,650 S.F.

Clays Mill Elementary School is a large neighborhood school dating back to the 1950's. Several additions and renovations have occurred over the years, but none as in-depth and comprehensive as this addition and renovation project.  The entire existing facility was altered/renovated to be energy efficient and compliant with current codes and ADA guidelines.  

Burning springs elementary school Renovation
clay county schools

Student Capacity: 300
Building Area: 44,000 S.F.

Burning Springs Elementary School underwent a complete renovation including the replacement of  window walls with new insulated brick walls and insulated windows. The heating and cooling system was also replaced with a more energy-efficient geothermal system. The addition includes a larger-capacity gymnasium, science classroom, computer lab, pre-school classroom, standard classrooms and an administrative area.