Commonwealth of Kentucky

Contact: Spencer Sullivan, Architect, Project Manager

Division of Engineering & Contract Administration

Contact: Gary Postlewaite, Architect, Division of Engineering

Ph: 502.564.3155, Ext. 251

User Agency:

Bowling Green Technical College

1845 Loop Drive

Bowling Green, KY 42101

Contact: Ron Roberts, Capital Project Manager

Ph: 606.677.4049

Building Data:

Building Area: 33,000 S.F.

Construction Cost: $6,400,000

Project Status: Completed as per Original Schedule

The key to our design of the Transpark Center is flexibility. This facility functions as a technical training center for both the Kentucky Transpark and the Bowling Green KCTCS. The versatility incorporated in the design supports both industrial training and technical college curriculum.


The facility includes 3 large labs: a robotic welding lab, a general purpose lab, and a CNC tool shop. It also contains 4 smaller, versatile labs. In addition, the facility has 4 classrooms that can be converted into one large area, 2 computer labs, an office suite, a board room/conference room and a vending/warming kitchen dining area.


The facility was a result of obligations made by the Commonwealth to incoming industries, making on-time completion a necessity. The entire building was designed by our team in only 9 weeks! This project was possible because Clotfelter/Samokar was able to fast track the design and finish according to the ambitious schedule.